Camille Svendsen, MA, BCBA

  • Tenure with AFL and as a BCBA/RBT overall: I entered the field as an RBT in early 2016, passed the BCBA board in May 2019- 2 years with AFL as a BCBA.

  • Educational/Industry/Career Highlights/Personal Achievements to share: B.S. – Centre College, M.A. – Ball State University. I completed supervision hours at clinics in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Kentucky.

  • One thing that most people don’t know about me: I love traveling. While I’m not able to travel as often now, I once left the US for 6 months to backpack through Mexico, Central, and South America!

  • What brought you to AFL?: I wanted to ensure that the place where I began my career as a BCBA would be one that encouraged me to grow and was truly invested in client success. At my interview I told Heather that I really wanted the freedom to program in any way that I saw was best for the clients and told her that I really didn’t want to be tied to one protocol or stuck in a box. Rather than showing me where the door was, she told me that she had the same views on ABA and saw AFL as a place where that was the norm. Since I started, AFL has continued to be the most client-centered and highly individualized clinic that I have ever worked at and nothing make me more proud to be part of the AFL family!