Operations Manager

Morgann Eickhoff, Operations Manager, MBA

  • Tenure with AFL and as a BCBA/RBT overall: I am Morgann Eickhoff and I have spent the last 16 years of my life working in multiple capacities in ABA with children on the Autism Spectrum. I am incredibly passionate about advocating for these children and families. I have dedicated my entire career to this service and have grown as a person more than I could have ever imagined. It is an amazing feeling to realize that you thought you were the one doing the teaching and you find out you have actually been a learner all along!

  • Educational/Industry/Career Highlights/Personal Achievements to share: I have been with AFL since the beginning of February and have been excited to grow the West Indy clinic to be the best it can be. My passion is the branch of ABA known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). I love learning how to utilize ABA techniques and the application of those techniques outside of Autism Therapy. My true passion is to identify barriers to growth both within the clinic setting and individually with each RBT that I supervise. I find it highly rewarding to watch my current and previous staff grow into their roles and really learn what it means to go above and beyond expectations. I love working through hard things in order to see my team flourish. I earned my MBA in order to help better serve the autism community through ensuring smooth integration of operations and clinical activities. I have found my home at AFL. I have been married for 11 years this May and I am a mother of three busy bodies ages 10, 6, and 4. My oldest was diagnosed with autism and has been receiving ABA therapy for 2 years so I have experienced firsthand how vital this service is for families.

  • One thing that most people don’t know about me: Fun fact, I run a small business for doll rehab and repair. I have fixed numerous antique dolls for people who cherished them as children and it is truly priceless to provide this service. With my profits, I make special needs and inclusive dolls free of charge for children in my community. I have made G-tube dolls, zipper scar dolls for children that had heart surgery as well as dolls with hearing aids, ostomy bags, cleft pallets etc. I am a firm believer that learning happens through play and inclusion matters when it comes to dolls and toys.

  • What brought you to AFL?: I came to AFL because I love that they recognize that operations are a vital function to an ABA clinic and the overall learning outcomes for the children. Since coming to AFL, I have learned and grown so much. I appreciate the leadership, the RBTs and the BCBAs here that make the team feel like home even when we are miles apart.

The best is yet to come!