Operations Manager

Hannah Mifflin, Operations Manager

  •  Tenure with AFL and as a BCBA/RBT overall: I started with the Adaptive group in 2014 as a home health aide and direct support professional. In 2018 I made the jump to Adapt For Life to become an RBT from Adaptive Nursing and ACSS, and in 2020 became Operations Manager.

  • Educational/Industry/Career Highlights/Personal Achievements to share: My biggest career highlight is helping/growing with a company from the ground up. When I  started with AFL we were a fraction of what we are now. Its been an incredible journey that’s not over yet.

  • One thing that most people don’t know about me: I like to hike, read, and travel around the country for music festivals.

  •  What brought you to AFL?: More growth opportunities, a chance to work with kids who need a little help and do what I love.