John James, MS, BCBA

  •  Tenure with AFL and as a BCBA/RBT overall:  I have been practicing as a BCBA since 2015 and I have been with AFL for 1 year and several months. 

  • Educational/Industry/Career Highlights/Personal Achievements to share:  At my previous placement, I helped grow a clinic from 2 kids/2 RBTs to 40+ kids/50+ staff!

  • One thing that most people don’t know about me: I used to be in Metal bands as a vocalist and guitarist; I had 2 conure birds for years, and I love luncheables!

  • What brought you to AFL?: I was looking for a clinical practice that supported a broad, inclusive and tailored approaches to ABA as well as a supportive, compassionate and vivid employee culture; AFL is built upon both.